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24. Februar 2008 – 5:24 Uhr

links for 2008-02-24

  • Fix for iphone Earphone Bug
  • In a recent BusinessWeek blog post, writer Arik Hesseldahl says he has information from one of his sources that the long awaited iPhone SDK might well be delayed. According to the source, the delay could be anywhere from one to three weeks; with February
  • There are quite a few ways online to see what your friends are up to in Xbox Live — the most fun way is probably the 360 Voice site (that lets your Xbox blog about what you’ve been playing lately), but there are also Facebook applications, Dashboard widg
  • Erica Sadun of iPhone coding fame just rigged up a sort of LoJack for your jailbreaked iPhone. Using Twitter, the iPhone can send periodic updates telling exactly where it is in terms of the location of its nearest cellphone tower. If your phone is lost o
  • PhotoDial, a new iPhone application released by Makayama Software, lets you click on your contacts’ portrait to place a call. When you start up the program, you’ll see a grid of photos- the ones you have already assigned to your contacts. PhotoDial ca
  • Over the past two weeks, it has seemed increasingly likely that Apple would include flash support in its next firmware version / SDK package. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Ryan Stewart, an Adobe employee and internet guru, told MacNewsWorld tha
  • In der Bilanz haben wir einen Bericht zum Status des iPhones in der Schweiz gefunden.

    Die Bilanz geht davon aus, dass wir noch einige Monate auf das iPhone warten müssen. Dies deckt sich auch mit unseren Informationen. Weiter wurden noch überhaupt kein

  • Nette Promo für die Display-Schutzfolien von Invisible Shield. Sehenswert, auch wenn ihr euer iPhone sobald wohl nicht vor 453 Kilo Hantelscheiben werdet schützen müssen. Der Spass kostet Palm emulation for iPhone/iPod touch demonstrated

  • Many of you have no doubt noticed that there hasn’t been much happening over at unsanity since the release of Leopard broke their haxie „Application Enhancers.“ Well, apparently some of the developers behind unsanity are now banking on the iPhone instead
  • The process of TiN utilizes some hardcore chemistry concepts to coat objects like luxury watches, drill bits and aircraft blades. Well, what happens when you treat a regular old iPhone in this manner? It ends up looking insanely great, that’s what. Checko
  • The iPhone is a beautiful machine with amazingly clean lines and smooth surfaces. But how does an iPhone that’s suffered the normal daily wear and tear hold up…under a $30,000 optical microscope? Not so bad, actually. And its frosted metal back casing l
  • Wie die BILANZ gestern berichtete, sollen bereits über 11’000 iPhones im Schweizer Netz im Einsatz sein: Bei der Swisscom sollen es rund 5200, bei Orange 3300 und bei Sunrise 2700 iPhones sein (Danke, ale1981!). Nach wie vor rätselt die ganze Schweizer
  • MarkSpace Updates The Missing Sync for iPhone (news/software/markspace-updates-the-missing-sync-for-iphone-20080220441)
    February 20, 2008
    Mark/Space has released an update for The Missing Sync for iPhone.
  • Erica Sadun has released version .31 of Voicenotes, and it can be found on Installer.app from Ste Packaging source under the category “Multimedia”.



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