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25. Februar 2008 – 5:23 Uhr

links for 2008-02-25

  • Are you in need of a leather case for your iPhone? Then you can choose leather cases by Sena. Cases are made from finest quality leather, featured in many colors and designs. They will definitely keep your iPhone safe and trendy.
  • MailCurve has launched a new email service for the iPhone. The main benefit is that you can choose which senders’ emails get transferred to your device.
  • While we wait for the iPhone SDK, web developers are busily creating iPhone-compatible web apps and pages. There are a few cool ones out there, like Leaflets and PocketTweets. Even FedEx has created an iPhone-friendly page.
  • ZodTTD’s snes4iphone v1.0.0 was recently released and it works surprisingly well. After a few games of Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World it’s obvious this emulator has come a long way.
  • Paul’s iPhone Custom has a gold TiN Apple logo and a black TiAIN black front covering a variant of the TiN process described below. The back covers are replaced with black anodized aluminum to eliminate the contrast between the antenna cover and the usual
  • Version 0.31 is in the XLaunch folder. Try tilting it on its side! Now supports Webclips as well as app icons.Oh, and p.s. Yes, it does work on the touch. And p.p.s. This probably means that AppFlow is deprecated. What do you all think? Let me know
  • Way back, one of our readers begged for an iPhone LoJack solution. He wanted his iPhone to „call home“ regularly in case of loss or, let’s be more realistic, theft. Over the past week, I finally had a chance to give this request some time, and I put toget
  • ignal to Noise: iPhone und iPod touch steuern iTunes
  • Welcome To Iphone Speed Test! You can use our service to test your Iphone speed. This tool downloads an image and calculates the time it will take to download to your phone. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that can contribute to network an
  • Most people, I know, did not purchase the iPhone for its camera. The pleasant surprise however, is that the phone has a fairly decent 2.0 megapixel camera. The other nice thing, as with any camera phone, is that you almost always have it with you. This is
  • Life-Size Cell Phone Brings Kids To Tears
  • New iPhone 500 TB
  • Caterpillar is an unique package of little tools for your iPhone that can be installed separately from each other. Each module provides its own set of features aimed to make your use of iPhone more productive and fun. Customization, business tools, quick
  • 167 SummerBoard Themes
  • iDjinni is a simple, userfriendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows to use ZiPhone.

    Unlock your iPhone or iPod made easy.

  • Build your own iPhone IPod stand from a standard dollar bill
  • To be clear, just like everyone else, I hope Apple does add copy-and-paste — but if it doesn’t come from Apple, it isn’t coming.
  • Nifty tip from Sam Stephenson that lets you still have iPhoto launch when you plug in your regular digital camera, but not when you plug in your iPhone.



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