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van Alex Olma
2. Juni 2010 – 6:40 Uhr

Steve Jobs im ‚All Things Digital‘ D8-Interview (Update)


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Für die Eröffnung zur D8-Konferenz von All Things Digital setzte sich in der vergangenen Nacht Apple-Chef Steve Jobs mit den Journalisten Kara Swisher und Walt Mossberg auf eine Bühne. Die aufgeworfenen Fragen reichten von den chinesischen Arbeitsverhältnissen beim iPad-Produzent Foxconn über das Verhältnis zum Mobilfunkpartner AT&T bis zur (mittlerweile unsäglichen) Adobe Flash-Diskussion.

Noch findet sich der komplette Mitschnitt des 1.5-Stunden-Interviews (6:22pm – 7:56pm) nicht Online. Die Live-Ticker (AllThingsD, Twitter@9to5mac Engadget, MacRumors, Macworld, etc.) enthüllen jedoch vorab die besten Zitate, die hier kurz zusammengetragen werden sollen.

  • Kara: You surpassed Microsoft this week. Steve: It’s sort of surreal.
  • Steve: One of the keys to Apple is that Apple is an incredibly collaborative company. You know how many committees we have at Apple? Zero. We’re organized like a startup. We’re the biggest start up on the planet. We meet for 3 hours every morning and talk about all the business, about what’s going on everywhere.


  • Steve: Sometimes you have to pick the right horses. Flash looks like it had its day but it’s waning, and HTML5 looks like it’s coming up. […] We told Adobe to show us something better, and they never did. […] Steve: If we succeed, they’ll buy them! If we don’t, we won’t sell any. And I have to say, people seem to be liking the iPad!


  • Steve: There’s an ongoing investigation. I can tell you what I do know, though. To make a product you need to test it. You have to carry them outside. One of our employees was carrying one. There’s a debate about whether he left it in a bar, or it was stolen out of his bag […] The person who took the phone plugged it into his roommates computer. And this guy was trying to destroy evidence… and his roommate called the police. So this is a story that’s amazing — it’s got theft, it’s got buying stolen property, it’s got extortion, I’m sure there’s some sex in there…
  • Steve: You know, when this whole thing with Gizmodo happened, I got advice from people who said ‚you gotta just let it slide, you shouldn’t go after a journalist just because they bought stolen property and tried to extort you.‘ And I thought deeply about this, and I concluded the worst thing that could happen is if we change our core values and let it slide. I can’t do that. I’d rather quit.


  • Kara: What about this Foxconn situation? Steve: Foxconn is not a sweatshop. They’ve had some suicides and attempted suicides — and they have 400,000 people there. The rate is under what the US rate is, but it’s still troubling.


  • Kara: How do you look at Google as a competitor, and how do you feel about them? Steve: Well they decided to compete with us. We didn’t go into the search business! Walt: How’s your relationship? Steve: My sex life is pretty good. We have no plans to go into the search business. We don’t care about it — other people do it well. Kara: Are you going to remove them from the iPhone? Steve: No.


  • Walt: Would there be advantages to having two (carriers) in the US? Steve: There might be.


  • Walt: So when you built this OS (iPhone OS), you did it in a phone. Why? Why not a tablet first. Steve: I’ll tell you. Actually. It started on a tablet first. […] I had this idea about having a glass display, a multitouch display you could type on.
  • Walt: Is the tablet going to replace the laptop? Tell me what you think about where it’s going?Steve: You know… (long pause). I’m trying to think of a good analogy. When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks. But as people moved more towards urban centers, people started to get into cars. I think PCs are going to be like trucks. Less people will need them. And this is going to make some people uneasy.
  • Walt: So you made iWork for the iPad. Do you see things that the iPad can’t do? Steve: Well, you can imagine all sorts of things for the iPad. Video editing, content creation…


  • Steve: Well I think the foundation of a free society is a free press. And we’ve seen what’s happening to papers in the US right now. I think they’re really important. I don’t want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers. […] I think people are willing to pay for content. I believe it for music and video, and I believe it for the media. […] I can tell you as one of the largest sellers of content on the internet to date — price it aggressively and go for volume. That has worked for us. I’m trying to get the press to do the same thing. They need to do it differently than they do it for print.

App Store

  • Walt: You’ve talked in some things you’ve written about protecting the consumer… but isn’t there a downside of you guys acquiring all this power and you saying no to some cartoonist or some political candidate? Steve: Yes… and political cartoons got caught in that. We didn’t think of that. So this guy submits his app and he gets rejected. We didn’t see that coming. So we changed the rule, but this guy never resubmitted… then he wins a Pulitzer Prize, and he says we rejected him. So, we are guilty of making mistakes.
  • Walt: I talk to developers all the time, but they express to me that they’re confused…Steve: 95% are approved within 7 days…
  • Publikum: What is your vision for gaming on all of the new devices? Steve: Clearly iPhone plus iPod touch have created a new class of gaming. It’s a subset of casual gaming. But it’s surprising how good some of them are. They’re almost as good as console gaming in terms of graphics.
  • Publikum: You changed your TOS on analytics — do you want to own that for developer’s data? Steve: Some company called Flurry had data on devices that we were using on our campus — new devices. They were getting this info by getting developers to put software in their apps that sent info back to this company! So we went through the roof. It’s violating our privacy policies, and it’s pissing us off! So we said we’re only going to allow analytics that don’t give our device info — only for the purpose of advertising.


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