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van Alex Olma
4. Oktober 2013 – 22:05 Uhr

Hinter den Keynote-Kulissen der Macworld 2007

IPhoneBlog de Macworld 2007

by Blake Patterson (cc)

There was less they could do to make sure the phone calls Jobs planned to make from the stage went through. Grignon [senior manager in charge of all the radios in the iPhone] and his team could only ensure a good signal, and then pray. They had AT&T, the iPhone’s wireless carrier, bring in a portable cell tower, so they knew reception would be strong. Then, with Jobs’s approval, they preprogrammed the phone’s display to always show five bars of signal strength regardless of its true strength. The chances of the radio’s crashing during the few minutes that Jobs would use it to make a call were small, but the chances of its crashing at some point during the 90-minute presentation were high.

Fred Vogelstein | NYTimes.com

Wie’s ausgeht, ist bekannt. Oder?

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