Das iPad Air im Review-Roundup

Vincent Nguyen nennt das iPad Air ein „No compromise Tablet“ und fasst damit die Testberichte, zwei Tage vor dem Produktstart, gut zusammen. Die vier zitierten Artikel empfand ich als lesenswert; der Rest wiederholt sich.

IPhoneBlog de Primetelabs

As stated above, I still want a MacBook of some sort for working while traveling, and I think I will for years to come. But most people don’t. Most of you, reading this, might. But most people in general don’t. […]

To me, the comparison that is most interesting is to that of my MacBook Air. In exactly three years, Apple has produced an iPad that outperforms a then-brand-new MacBook.

John Gruber | Daring Fireball

That big public yawn must drive Apple’s engineers crazy. The thing is, making the iPad smaller, lighter, and faster without sacrificing battery life or beauty is a tremendous achievement. […]

In phones, you could argue for either Android or iPhone. But in tablets, no; iPad still takes it.

David Pogue

In other words, the iPad Air’s weight is actually closer to the Mini than to its fourth-gen predecessor. Indeed, pick up an Air and you’ll be reminded of the first time you held a Mini. It’s a „wow“ moment. […]

As ever, Apple promises 10 hours of battery life on the iPad Air and, as usual, the tablet more than delivers. On the far-thicker, far-heavier fourth-generation iPad we managed just over 13 hours of battery life on our standard battery rundown test. This new iPad Air managed almost exactly the same, 13 hours and 10 minutes. […]

However, the absence of 802.11ac is disappointing. Like the iPhone 5S, the latest iPad tops out at 802.11n. Given the lack of adoption elsewhere in Apple’s lineup, it’s not surprising to see ac missing here, and the relative lack of compatible routers and access points means there’s little demand for it now. However, those still using their Airs a few years down the road may find themselves wishing Apple had found room for it this time around.

Tim Stevens | Cnet

You can still use the Smart Cover as a makeshift stand for the iPad by folding it up. The new design means the iPad stands at a wider angle than with the previous design, tilting the display further away from you when the iPad is fully upright. For desk use I like the new angle, but if you’re using your chest as a prop for the tablet it’s arguably worse. […]

On the GPU front, Apple does increase performance over the iPad 4 as well – despite having a narrower memory bus. The increase in performance ranges from 40 – 70% depending on workload.

Anand Lal Shimpi | AnandTech

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