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van Alex Olma
18. September 2014 – 21:58 Uhr

iPhone 6 + 6 Plus: die Review-Übersicht

IPhoneBlog de US-Reviews

John Gruber diskutiert auf Daring Fireball mit sich selbst über die für ihn beste Gehäusegröße.

Typography has rendered great on all retina displays to date; type looks perfect on the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m jealous that the 6 Plus camera has optical image stabilization. The bigger physical size makes the Plus a pleasure to thumb-type on.

401 pixels per inch is high enough that things still look great even if they’re not pixel-perfect. I was deeply skeptical of this on-the-fly downsampling when I heard about it, but having used it for a week, I’m sold.

Darrell Etherington mit überzeugenden Worten für TechCrunch:

Apple has managed to make the very first well-designed smartphone of epic scale, regardless of your thoughts on the merit of the category as a whole.

Nilay Patel für The Verge. Hier schreibt der (neue) Chef noch selbst.

Huge phones get to have huge batteries, and the iPhone 6 Plus is a huge phone with a huge battery: I consistently got about two days of battery life from the 6 Plus in regular daily use — slightly more than the day and half we got from the iPhone 6, and basically the same as the Note 3.

It’s like the screen is painted on. This, more than anything, is what makes the iPhone 6 Plus display pop — I haven’t seen another phone display that looks quite so immediate.

Matthew Panzarino für TechCrunch unter lustiger URL:

The phase detection autofocus is extremely quick, and the continuous autofocus while video recording is active is absolutely fantastic. The leap in quality over even dedicated cameras can’t be overstated. The image quality is off the charts and the (software driven) “Cinematic Stabilization” is amazing.

For those of you feeling existential angst over the OIS in the iPhone 6 Plus, don’t stress. Buy it for the screen, buy it for the battery, but don’t buy it for OIS.

Joshua Topolsky in neuer Position (aber altem Schreibstil) für Businessweek:

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has proven that not only can it make a bigger phone, but it can make a bigger phone better than anyone else in the marketplace. Between the slick software, killer hardware, and deep integration into Apple’s amazing ecosystem, the iPhone is back in the spotlight.

David Pogue gewohnt unterhaltsam für Yahoo:

Well, this time, Apple hasn’t fumbled. Its two new iPhones are excellent. Beautiful. State of the art. Worthy heirs to the iPhone throne.

Brad Molen schreibt für Engadget eher technisch und untermalt mit hübschen Bilder.

But tests are tests: Real-world performance is where it’s at. And this is where the Plus truly shines. In my usage tests, I do a little bit of everything on the phone: calls, games, email, social networking, e-book reading, the works. After all that, I got through a full 17-hour workday with just 3 or 4 percent battery life remaining. On the 6, I managed to squeak out around 13 hours. With moderate to light usage, you should expect to see the Plus get roughly a day and a half, if not more.

Folgende Testberichte enthielten keine Infos, die aus den bereits zitierten Artikeln nicht auch zu entnehmen sind.

The Loop, Re/code (Walt hat sein 6er gleich in der ersten Woche zerschmissen), NYTimes, USAtoday, WSJ, Macworld (sollte man eigentlich doch lesen weil es das letzte große Review von Jason Snell für die altehrwürdige Print-Publikation ist), Pocket-Lint, TechRadar, SlashGear und Fast Company.



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