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van Alex Olma
16. Februar 2015 – 23:21 Uhr

„How an industrial designer became Apple’s greatest product.“

IPhoneBlog de NewYorker Ian Parker

“It’s awkward when you’re dealing with models,” Ive said. “Often you’re reacting, by definition, to newness, or difference.” The new has to be given time to annoy, or disappoint. A few years ago, Ive and his colleagues assessed each prototype size of the future iPhone 6 by carrying them around for days. “The first one we really felt good about was a 5.7,” he recalled. “And then, sleeping on it, and coming back to it, it was just ‘Ah, that’s way too big.’ And then 5.6 still seems too big.” (As Cook described that process, “Jony didn’t pull out of his butt the 4.7 and the 5.5.”)

Ian Parker | The Shape of Things to Come

Ein Porträt über Apples Jonathan Ive mit knapp 17.000 Wörtern, das keine Minute langweilt.



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