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van Alex Olma
23. September 2015 – 11:37 Uhr

Presse-Embargo ade: vier empfehlenswerte Testberichte über das iPhone 6s

Gestern lief die Sperrfrist für die iPhone-6s-Reviews aus. Dieses Jahr ist die Empfehlung, welchen Beitrag man sich davon vornehmen soll, einfach.

Wer hübsche Bilder mag (und ein bisschen Pseudo-Kritik ausblenden kann), schaut das wirklich exzellente Video von The Verge.

Joanna Stern wirft im Gegensatz dazu berechtigte Fragen in Bezug auf die Batterie(‑laufzeit) auf:

There’s no innovation at the power outlet, either. While other phones employ wireless charging and rapid charging technology for added convenience, the new iPhones still require you to plug in your phone and wait at least two hours (nearly three for the Plus) to charge to 100%. Samsung’s latest phones charge up in 75 to 90 minutes, and the new Moto X Pure takes just over an hour.

iPhone 6s Review: A Slightly Better iPhone 6

Matthew Panzarino hat clevere Dinge über die Kamera und 3D Touch zu sagen:

Here’s one thing that I think is important to state: 3D Touch is not the new right-click.

I have a feeling that this is going to be the easy comparison, and the early chatter about it by people who haven’t even tried it is already leaning that way. I can’t stress enough that this is not accurate. Right-click is about adding actions and complexity; a 3D Touch shortcut is about taking away actions and reducing complexity.

Review: Apple’s iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Go ‘Tick’

Den unangefochten besten Artikel – weil er praxistauglich ist und gleichzeitig Details beschreibt, die völlig egal sind für den Alltag – schreibt John Gruber für seine sehr zugespitzte Leserschaft. Zumindest für alle die hier mitlesen, ist es das aussagekräftigste Review.

In iOS 9.0, the timing of this video capture is hard-coded. You get 3 seconds of video — 1.5 seconds on each side of the still capture — every time. This means, however, if you snap your photo and then lower the camera, you wind up with a “droop” at the end of your live photo animation — usually a blurry view of the floor. Apple has already addressed this in the betas for iOS 9.1. In 9.1, the camera will use the accelerometer to detect when you lower the camera after snapping a shot, and truncate the animation at that point. […]

OIS for video reduces this jerkiness. And in my testing on the iPhone 6S Plus, the effect is dramatic. It’s a poor man’s Steadicam, built right into the iPhone 6S Plus. I say that this breaks my heart because, personally, I have no interest in owning the 6S Plus — I much prefer the pocketability and feel-in-hand of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S. I could tell myself last year that the 6 Plus’s camera was only a wee bit better than the regular 6’s, and only under certain conditions. This year, OIS for video means the iPhone 6S Plus is capable of something the regular 6S is not: shooting smooth full-size videos while you walk around or pan the camera. […]

You know those FCC-mandated regulatory logos etched on the back of your iPhone? They’re gone. Last year the FCC issued new guidelines that allow manufacturers to put all these labels in software, for display on screen, and Apple has done just that. (You can see them in Settings: General: Regulatory.) It’s such a little thing, but those little turds have always bothered me.

The iPhones 6S



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