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van Alex Olma
20. Juli 2016 – 12:55 Uhr

„Thoughts about Apple and F1“


The suggestion last week that Apple may be discussing the acquisition of the Formula One group has led to a lot of interest and a lot of opinion. […]

PayTV is not really working for F1 because although revenues are creeping up, numbers of viewers are dropping and that is not good for the sport. […] Apple has plenty of money for investment and $8 billion for the Formula One group would not be a huge deal. The sport currently generates $900 million a year for its owners, although most of this now goes to debt repayment because CVC has already taken the money. Switching the sport to AppleTV could generate big revenues. […]

To put that into perspective, if only 10 percent of the world’s F1 viewers bought an AppleTV it would generate $8 billion, which would pay for the purchase of the company. Apple would then also be able to generate revenues from the new customers with its other services. The company would also be able to use the connection with the sport/technology of F1 to alert more people to the company’s long-term plans in the automotive world.

Joe Saward | „Thoughts about Apple and F1

Historisch unvorstellbar. Mit Blick auf Apples beschleunigtes Engagement für Apple Music, das die Unterstützung von Künstlern, Konzerten und Videoproduktionen umfasst, muss man sich wohl vom alten PR-Mantra “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.“ verabschieden.

Cue brushes off questions about his Hollywood aspirations (he and Apple won’t comment on reports Apple wants to buy Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service), but there’s no denying the Miami-born exec is behind the company’s recent original programming efforts. Starting with a Taylor Swift tour documentary designed to entertain Apple Music’s 15 million subscribers, Apple also is experimenting with series, including a show about apps with producer Ben Silverman, called Planet of the Apps, and a scripted drama from Apple employee Dr. Dre that Cue won’t confirm („I’ve heard that he’s been filming in L.A.,“ he says).

Eddy Cue on Apple’s TV Plans and Why Netflix Isn’t a Competitor

Joe Saward ist renommierter Formel-1-Journalist. Von mehr als „Gesprächen“ hört er bislang nicht. Aber das Thema ‚Apple und Autos‘ hält sich.

via Nick Heer



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