„iPhone 7 Plus Depth Effect is Legit“

Stu Maschwitz gleich mit einer Handvoll treffender Zitate zum Schärfentiefe-Effekt in nur einem einzigen Artikel:

Portrait Mode photos aren’t just photos with a blur applied. They have the potential to be photos that are more about what they are photos of. It gets back to one of the oldest, most durable posts on this site: Less is More. We frame our shots carefully, and shallow depth of field allows us to frame our shots in depth as well.

Sometimes that makes the photo prettier. Often, it can make the photo.

The instrument of our eyeballs „sees“ everything, but we don’t see with our eyes. We see with our brains. And our brains ignore stuff that doesn’t matter (to a hilarious fault). This is maybe the number one failing of amateur photography, and certainly mobile photography—we take a ton of photos that wind up being more about weird ugly background details than the reason we wanted to take a picture.



Nicht jedes Foto im Porträt-Mode gelingt. Problematisch sind flinke (und fotounwillige) Kinder sowie schummrige Lichtverhältnisse. Aber die Fotos, die damit hinhauen, besitzen so viel mehr Akzent.