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van Alex Olma
29. Mai 2017 – 13:57 Uhr

„While Android Leaps Forward, Samsung’s Software Still has Trouble Catching Up to its Hardware“

Samsung though, must have missed that particular memo and in doing so still delivers a bloated experience that suffers due to their insistence of adding more and more “features”, and I use that term loosely, to their phones. This isn’t to say that Google does everything properly, or that every OEM should implement stock Android with merely a boot animation distinguishing them, instead, heavy-handed experiences like Samsung’s need to be cut back, optimized, streamlined and offer the user more choice. […]

Personally, I have used a package disabler to remove over 180 services and packages I simply do not need on my phone, and that is with keeping the stock camera, dialer, and calendar. The funny thing is that with all of these services and applications disabled, my phone feels more responsive, less unpredictable, and offered better battery life than before.


Genau deshalb mag ich mein OnePlus 3. Und weil deren OxygenOS so nah an ‚Stock Android‘ gebaut ist, war es eines der ersten Smartphones mit Google Assistant.

Siehe auch: „Dear Samsung!



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