SmugMug + flickr


SmugMug has acquired Flickr. We couldn’t be more excited to unite two brands that share the same mission, passions, and values.


Und plötzlich kauft ein Familienunternehmen mit 100 Angestellten und einem geschätzten Jahresumsatz im niedrigen einstelligen Millionenbereich die ehemals größte Foto-Community mit immer noch 75 Millionen registrierten Fotografie-Enthusiasten.

Founded in 2002, SmugMug has been around even longer than Flickr and, from the start, has defied conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley, never taking a dime from outside investors or entertaining buyout offers. It operates on a smaller scale, but has won over millions of customers with a single-minded devotion to photography and a personal touch often lacking in online services run by giant corporations.

And, in an industry that dangles free services to suck up people’s personal information to target ads, SmugMug has catered to people who are willing to pay for privacy and storage, offering four levels of subscriptions to appeal to everyday shutterbugs and professional photographers alike.

Jessica Guynn | USA TODAY

Wäre es nicht wundervoll, wenn wir wieder ein Instagram ohne Facebook hätten?