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van Alex Olma
19. November 2018 – 15:42 Uhr

‚Without Fail‘ mit Apples Ex-Retail-Chef Ron Johnson

Without Fail von Gimlet Media ist einer meiner neuen Lieblingspodcasts. In der vor wenigen Stunden veröffentlichten Episode erzählt Ron Johnson wie er zusammen mit Steve Jobs die Apple-Einzelhandelsgeschäfte entwickelte.

The Apple Stores did really well during my time and they continue to flourish, but you can’t separate what the store was, from Apple’s incredible innovation in the hardware and software.

You know, the stores became the new face of Apple and they’ve been a wonderful thing, but I think the real strength of Apple is that constant flow of life changing – life breathing – products. They really became the engine to want to visit an Apple store to learn about these things.

You know, we launched the iPhone and everyone wanted to touch that phone and to see what a new interface without a dial would be. The stores became a beautiful stage for people to experience what people in Cupertino created. Without Cupertino’s great work, the stores wouldn’t have been great. But I do believe without the stores, Apple wouldn’t be great.



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