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van Alex Olma
3. April 2020 – 15:42 Uhr

Schutzfunktion: Mikrofon-Deaktivierung auf Hardware-Ebene in den neuen iPads

iPad models beginning in 2020 also feature the hardware microphone disconnect. When an MFI compliant case (including those sold by Apple) is attached to the iPad and closed, the microphone is disconnected in hardware, preventing microphone audio data being made available to any software—even with root or kernel privileges in iPadOS or in case the firmware is compromised.

Apple Platform Security

Sicher ist sicher.

Passend dazu die Frage: Warum gilt das nicht auch für die Kamera(s)?

Pickren reported his research fully via the Apple Bug Bounty Program in mid-December 2019. „My research uncovered seven bugs,“ Pickren says, „but only 3 of them were ultimately used to access the camera/microphone. Apple validated all seven bugs immediately and shipped a fix for the 3-bug camera kill chain a few weeks later.“ The three-0day camera kill chain exploit was dealt with in the Safari 13.0.5 update released January 28. The remaining zero-day vulnerabilities, judged to be less severe, were patched in the Safari 13.1 release on March 24.

iPhone Camera Hijacked Using Three Zero-Days: Apple Pays Hacker $75,000



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