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van Alex Olma
17. August 2020 – 10:53 Uhr


But anyway, the point of this video is: Don’t go to war for Epic.

I get it right. Apple is a gigantic monolith. Apple could stand to be taken down a peg or two. And yes, Apple took away your Fortnite. But you deserve more dignity than to be a soldier in a billion dollar executive slap fight, because that is what this is.

This is not a fight for freedom. This is not rising up against oppression. You want to rise up against oppression? Go to a Black Lives Matter protest. If you want to help corporations maximize return on their assets while you get nothing, then, you know, go right ahead, I suppose.

Screw Apple, Screw Google, and Screw Epic Games

There are no good guys here” – zumindest aus Sicht der Kunden und Kundinnen.



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