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van Alex Olma
5. Juni 2022 – 18:30 Uhr

„Diablo Immortal Review – A Deal with Diablo“

Diablo Immortal feels as though a talented development team took a lot of time and effort to make a fantastic mobile MMO that doesn’t tarnish the esteemed brand attached to it, and then applied all the depressing elements one must include in order to make money with this sort of thing. It wouldn’t be fair to punish this particular game for simply dancing to the beat of this broken market of ours, so I won’t. And I’m very sure a lot of people are going to pour tons of hours into it and have a wonderful time while spending far less than the price of the average new premium Diablo game. There’s nothing here in terms of free-to-play monetization that we haven’t seen before, and I imagine many of us have honed our ability to ignore such things. So we will. That’s how it is.

But gosh, I’m a bit tired of this. Sometimes I sit back and look at what we’ve allowed ourselves to get used to, and it makes me sad. This is an excellent game. I want to recommend that people play it, but I know in doing so that some small percentage of the people reading this aren’t going to ignore the siren’s call of those microtransactions, and some small percentage of that small percentage are going to spend more than they can afford. And I can’t feel good about that. I can’t feel good about that at all. I hate that I have this dilemma. I hate that game designers have to build their games this way. I feel like I’m reviewing a pack of smokes. And again, it isn’t on Diablo Immortal to pay for these sins. This is just where I have a chance to rant about it, I suppose.

Shaun Musgrave | TouchArcade




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