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van Alex Olma
23. Juni 2022 – 15:40 Uhr

„Private Access Tokens: stepping into the privacy-respecting, CAPTCHA-less future we were promised“

Bild zeigt Screenshot der iOS-Einstellungen.

Fastly worked with our friends at Apple, Cloudflare, and Google to develop and standardize the technology behind Private Access Tokens. It is a more accessible and capable iteration of the Privacy Pass protocol. If you’re familiar with Chrome Trust Tokens, Private Access Tokens might seem familiar.

Private Access Tokens develop on the above technologies to build toward something that can be used more broadly (no browser plugin required) and can be configured to provide anonymity to end-users. An IETF working group is currently developing and standardizing this technology in the open. Best of all, website developers can try it out right now.


Bild zeigt zwei iPhone-Screenshots der Webseite FT.com.

CAPTCHA sind „unbearably depressing“ und die Menschheit verschwendet „etwa 500 Jahre pro Tag für CAPTCHAs“.

Neben Fastly und Cloudflare arbeiten Apple und Google an ihrer Abschaffung.



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