Mit oder ohne (Leder Wallet-)Case? So sehen die iPhones von Apples Design-Team aus.

Bild zeigt iPad mit Wallpaper-Ausgabe.

Wallpaper had a thing with the design team last year – which was really, really interesting. Not for what they said […], but it was really interesting because they showed where they work.

There was like an overhead shot of the design team at a big table. And you could see which people on the design team use iPhone cases and which ones don’t and how many. And a bunch of them actually use the wallet, and that was not for show. […]

I verified with somebody who definitely know. No, those are just their phones.

John Gruber | The Talk Show #352

Das „Inside Apple Park“-Feature von Wallpaper* erschien Online im letzten Dezember sowie in der Printausgabe 01/2022.

Ich zähle sieben iPhones ohne Case, vier iPhones mit Hülle sowie sieben Telefone mit Leder Wallet.