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van Alex Olma
7. April 2023 – 17:36 Uhr

„How to Fuck Text“

Bild zeigt chaotischen iPhoneBlog-Schriftzug.

I won’t say Text Fucking is an art. Indeed, perhaps it is anti-art. It is a discipline, nearly. At least enough so that I believe this Post is worth it. Like most disciplines, it can be used for your particular definitions of “good” and/or “bad.” I would like to think most of my use over the years has been toward my own of “good,” but – as per the unsearchable nature of Fucked Text, generally – this is not easily verifiable or citable. Regardless of my performance, however, I genuinely believe Text Fucking can be an endeavor that leads to more “positive” outcomes, whoever you may be. As I did, you might find yourself with a greater appreciation of and a desire to learn more about those individuals and organizations working in the Accessible Technology industry, ever toward a more inclusive digital future.

The Psalms

Der Blogpost verleitete (mich) zum Kauf von Textcraft.



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