LoveFrom, Serif

Auswahl an Buchstabenbeispielen der Schriftart LoveFrom, Serif.

LoveFrom Serif was created by much of the same design team behind Apple’s San Francisco (the font you see across your iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacOS). The typeface debuted in LoveFrom’s logo (a wordmark reading “LoveFrom,”). Later it appeared in a Terra Carta seal and charter made for the advancement of design education. It subsequently showed up in the emblem for the coronation of King Charles III, and most recently in both the headline and body copy of Make Something Wonderful, a book of collected speeches, interviews, and correspondences, all in Steve Jobs’s own words.

Mark Wilson | Fast Company

Jony Ive nennt die Schriftart ihr „erstes Produkt“. Mehr Hintergrund zur Typografie verspricht ein Event am 27. Juni in San Francisco: Unexpected Baskerville: The Story of LoveFrom Serif.