„This is a quietly big year for the Apple TV and tvOS“

And this iPhone-as-camera setup goes further than FaceTime and traditional video chat. You can also use it for karaoke sessions with Apple Music’s Sing feature, which removes vocals from songs and displays the lyrics on screen. Now you can enable the Continuity Camera function to show a video feed of whoever’s performing and apply visual filters.

Silly? To some people, sure. But it’s hard for me to envision something like the underpowered Chromecast with Google TV pulling off some of these features so smoothly. Apple is slowly beginning to flex its silicon might and put more distance between its streaming box and anything from the under-$100 competition.

Chris Welch | The Verge

Falls irgendjemand nochmal fragt: „Warum ein Apple TV, wenn’s günstigere Streaming-Sticks gibt?“, schicke ich kommentarlos dieses Foto.

Bild zeigt Fernseher mit FaceTime auf tvOS.