Apple Vision Pro: macOS als 5K-Display, gestreamt in 4K

„Mac Virtual Display“-Screenshot von YouTube-Kanal


People asked about the Mac display sharing, and I finally know how it works, which is very complicated. It is basically a 27 inch, like, studio display or iMac display.

So you tell your Mac you’re sharing to it. Your Mac imagines a 27 inch 5k display. It runs the interface at 2560 by 1440, which is a perfect two to one scale. That’s how a 27 inch iMac works. By default, you cannot change it. […]

Then it takes that 5k display and sends it as a 4k video stream to the vision Pro, which you can then resize.

It looks fine, and you’ll use it unless you need pixel perfect accuracy, in which case, take your face computer off and just look at your screen.

Nilay Patel | The Vergecast | Review

Mac Virtual Display“ ist derzeit (offiziell) auf einen Mac und einen Bildschirm beschränkt.