„Facing reality, whether it’s about Apple or the EU“

Das Bild zeigt ein iPhone, das auf einer welligen, texturierten Oberfläche liegt. Auf dem Bildschirm des Telefons ist eine grafische Darstellung der Flagge der Europäischen Union zu sehen, die aus einem Kreis von zwölf goldenen Sternen auf dunklem Hintergrund besteht.

This is the reason why I get a bit frustrated whenever I see somebody in tech dismisses the EU as just trying to protect European companies from competition with their glorious and wonderful US companies. […]

But the single market is what it’s for. Without it, the EU would cease to exist. To understand what motivates EU, as an organisation, you need to understand the single market.

Baldur Bjarnason

Die zweite, daran anknüpfende Leseempfehlung (für Apple):

What Apple isn’t getting is this isn’t something that the EU is going to roll over for. As Baldur also notes, this is explicit in the naming and intention of the Digital Markets Act – whenever you see the word “market” in EU regulation it’s a tell that the intention is to bring an area into the scope of the single market, when the EU believes it has been out of alignment.

Regulating markets isn’t just a small thing for the EU. It’s existential.

Ian Betteridge