„Apple to ‘pay’ OpenAI for ChatGPT through distribution, not cash“

Left unanswered on Monday: which company is paying the other as part of a tight collaboration that has potentially lasting monetary benefits for both. But, according to people briefed on the matter, the partnership isn’t expected to generate meaningful revenue for either party — at least at the outset.

The arrangement includes weaving ChatGPT, a digital assistant that responds in plain terms to information requests, into Apple’s Siri and new writing tools. Apple isn’t paying OpenAI as part of the partnership, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the deal terms are private. Instead, Apple believes pushing OpenAI’s brand and technology to hundreds of millions of its devices is of equal or greater value than monetary payments, these people said.

Bloomberg | Mark Gurman

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati sat down with Fortune Editor-at-Large Michal Lev-Ram at a Fortune Most Powerful Women dinner in San Francisco to discuss a range of topics, including the Apple partnership, safety and privacy concerns, how she found her love for AI, and more.

OpenAI wird nicht ausschließlich in „eyeballs“ bezahlt, sondern arbeitet mit der Apple-Partnerschaft an seinem „Consumer Tech Company“-Image.

In den Worten von CTO Mira Murati:

We have to do a lot to build trust around AI in general, right?

And I think this partnership [with Apple] is hopefully, you know, something that moves the needle in the right direction as we bring AI into so many products and different integrations.

And specifically with our partnership, you know, people can log into ChatGPT or through their Apple Account and we each have, you know, the product policies that apply to Apple or ChatGPT.

Als OpenAI gehst du einen solchen Deal nicht ein, wenn in näherer Zukunft eine (weitere) weltverändernde Entwicklung absehbar ist, mit der du dich grundlegend von der Konkurrenz differenzierst.

Das bestätigte quasi auch Mira Murati:

The most recent thing we did was the release of GPT-4o, which is our omni model. We made it accessible to everyone for free.

And, you know, I don’t think there is enough emphasis on how unique that is for the stage where the technology is today. Inside the labs we have these capable models, and, you know, they’re not that far ahead from what the public has access to for free.

Bis sich dieser Umstand fundamental ändert, ist es ein Kampf um die Etablierung des eigenen Namens.