Upgrade #188: „The future of the Mac”

Ein paar lose Gedankten zum Projekt Kalamata – der Story von den ARM-Chips in Macs, die eigentlich eine reine Software-Geschichte ist – hatte ich in der letzten Woche runtergetippt.

Jason Snell hat in seinem Podcast „Upgrade” das Thema vorgestern noch einmal weitsichtig aufgegriffen (ab Minute 43:00). Sein Fazit habe ich transkribiert (nee transkribieren lassen).

The idea of not having a landline, the idea of not having cable TV – if done right – the idea of not having a Mac – it won’t just be terrible. It will be irrelevant, because the things that you do now, will be done in a different place, but you’re still doing them. And I just know that’s kind of a squishy and touchy-feely kind of moment, but I really do think that we could get to that point.

But it is on Apple, because Apple could screw it up.

Apple could do something to make the Mac unusable and create a complete Exodus of people from the Mac. But I would argue that if Apple did nothing and just let the Mac sit there…that’s not going to satisfy people who use the Mac because they want new features and they want new hardware and Apple is probably not going to do that as an active investment in just the Mac as a standalone platform. It just seems unlikely at this point, but the good news is: It may not matter in five years. It matters today. They couldn’t take it „away“ today. But by the time that they take it away, it may not matter – for most people.

We we will see.

Jason Snell | Upgrade #188