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van Alex Olma
12. November 2019 – 17:02 Uhr

„AirPods Pro: Easy to Love, Hard to Explain Why”

Ich bin immer noch zufrieden mit meinem Artikel über die AirPods Pro (Apple.de / Affiliate-Link), aber den hier müsst ihr auch lesen.

The base isn’t as strong as the best audio you can get in this class. The mids are not as present. And the sound stage is not as wide. And there is an excellent chance that you simply wouldn’t notice any of these deficiencies. They are very slight. One has to listen carefully and critically to hear the difference between these and better headphones. For that, you would actually have to care. It is like comparing the pictures from two excellent smartphones. Extreme pixel-peeping will reveal the differences. But no real people care enough to bother doing it.

Your music and podcasts are going to sound fantastic. You will likely hear the difference from these and whatever headphones you are currently using. They sound better than previous AirPods. And that is more than good enough for the vast majority of people. Anyone who wouldn’t buy these for audio quality wouldn’t buy the competitor’s either. They would buy something in an entirely different class.

While some might wish the audio quality was even better than it is, no one is going to return them because of audio quality. And while the product is not worth the asking price for audio quality alone, it is more than worth it when everything else is taken into consideration. In this case, good enough is the equivalent of excellent.

David Johnson



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