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van Alex Olma
29. September 2020 – 11:47 Uhr

Cloud-Gaming über den iOS-Browser

Apple wünscht sich kein Cloud-Videospiel-Streaming im App Store, arbeitet aber gemeinsam mit Microsoft und Amazon an einer Umsetzung über den Browser.


Luna will be playable on Fire TV, Mac, and Windows PC, and on Android and iOS mobile devices. Amazon specifies that iOS platforms will access Luna “through web apps,” seemingly the company’s solution to Apple’s prohibitive rules for cloud-based game streaming via the App Store.


”We’re committed to bringing Game Pass to all mobile phones out there, including Apple phones,“ Spencer said. „We’ll continue the conversations and I’m sure we’ll be able to get to some resolution.“

The comments come a few days after Microsoft released a similar statement to French newspaper Le Figaro. „I’m determined to find a solution. We talk to them a lot. It won’t be today, probably not tomorrow, but we will manage to bring Game Pass to iPhone,“ Spencer told the publication.

Für Google Stadia hat Zachary Knox mit Stadium (universal; Laden) bereits einen Workaround gefunden und schaut sich jetzt GeForce Now an.

Over the past few weeks, some tricks were floating around this subreddit for get Stadia working on iOS 14. I decided to ship a highly specialized browser app to the App Store which can make doing this super easy.


Sicherlich nicht zufällig taucht in Apples Release-Notes der letzten Safari-Preview dieser Eintrag auf:

Gamepad API
Added a special HID mapping for the Google Stadia controller
Added HID mapping for the Logitech F310/F710 controllers.



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