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van Alex Olma
14. April 2021 – 20:01 Uhr

„Is VR the next frontier in fitness?“

It’s very hard to create something, create a modality that is intrinsically fun from an exercise standpoint in your house, just because you have what you’re dealing with in your house, which is a limited amount of space. Mountain biking does not fit in your bedroom. Skiing does not fit in your living room, but what if they could? And that’s what we set out to build, something that was intrinsically fun, intrinsically entertainment, and something you wanted to do over and over again that had the extra benefit of exercise because that’s the thing that makes it easy to keep coming back to.

The Verge

Chris Milk ist VR-Fitness-Chef von Supernatural (für Oculus Quest 2). Und alles was er ins Podcast-Mikrofon bei Decoder spricht, könnte auch für Apples Startangebot gelten.



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